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  1. According to this , the next stop is Step Back, Doors Closing. Must be a new station?

  2. Hey People seem to like the music at Gallery Place. Just an FYI so you can terminate the program ASAP.

  3. there is music being pumped through Gallery Place and it's perf and needs to be a constant thing asap

  4. . should just be called . That's all they do.

  5. Wouldn't need WiFi in stations if headways weren't 20 minutes between trains. At rush hour. Every day.

  6. Easy to tell when you hit a nerve with and

  7. someone lost their pants in the Rockville station

  8. Said the person who blamed riders for Metro's woes and may not really be 's legit prez.

  9. Repeated evacuation message at L'Enfant Plaza. Workers saying it's a false alarm when we get to exit. Classic

  10. . Imagine your accountant screwing up your taxes every year. Badly. And then offering you brownies.

  11. I'd prefer on-time trains that don't catch fire, derail, and have to offload, but I reckon my priorities differ from &

  12. classical Music ar Gallery Place is nice. Continue through the year?

  13. I would rather have metro that runs properly than public wifi. Is that too much to ask?

  14. still has not gotten cell service installed this won't happen. Focus on restoring service and timeliness

  15. Happily celebrating the one year anniversary of my divorce from metrorail. Haven't missed it a bit.

  16. So we have old trains, train delays, early closings, slow wait times & old looking stations but y'all worried about wifi?

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