Lovers of public transit, trying to keep it as a viable means of transportation for the thousands of Blue Line riders

Alexandria, VA

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    sadly this is why I gave up riding metro recently. Blue line wait is insane.

  2. Public transit should be safe, cheap, frequent, and reliable. is 0 for 4.

  3. Thanks - it's not like I have better things to do than stand at station waiting for Blue

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    Happy Friday from Pentagon Metro, 8:30am! Who wants 2G2 work anyway, amiright?

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  6. Metro's Culture of Safety clearly applies to busses as well as rail. Time for to get another safety award

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    How about the board riding the rails... Enduring the Rosslyn 5p BL crush with us

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    Thought this was worth resurrecting.

  9. Guess this wasn't a coincidence & lives were at risk. Who still thinks has a ?

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    How many times must we say "unacceptable"?!? It's way past time for new leadership & accountability at .

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    Metro insiders are calling this mess indefensible. That's exactly what it is.

  12. There are now 3,400 more reasons why and should fix the 12 min Blue Line wait.

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    W/more data, blatantly does not have the trains to run Silver Line & entire system. Morning rush most impacted

  14. I guess there's no such thing as a free ride. 19 minutes. Ouch! cc:

  15. Glad is issuing refunds, but why Friday refunds & not Thurs when problems were worse? (hint - fewer riders on Friday)

  16. Metro service is failing, but they do have a . That makes up for it right?!?

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    We promised to try to do better today and we managed to not take down the Blue along with the Orange and Silver. See, progress!

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    SL op: "I'm not sure how far we r going to get, but at least we got started"

  19. Blue & Orange riders - if an 8 car train coming, head to the last car. Way less crowded

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