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Is the Blue Line getting enough 8-car trains?

Yesterday, DC Metro tried to placate Blue Line riders by stating that up to half of Blue Line trains during rush hour would be 8 cars.  While this seems to indicate that Metro is starting to understand and respond to

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Silver Line Commercials: A Parody

Have you seen the new DC Metro commercials promoting the Silver Line?  The ads make it sound like the Metro changes will solve all your problems, including improving your dating life and getting a better job.  But they don’t tell

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15 Hours

The planned blue line service cuts this summer will change the headway for Blue Line trains from 8.5 minutes to 12 minutes.  That means that the average wait per trip increases by 1:45 seconds.  That might not seem like much,

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Metro’s Blue Line plan among the longest wait times nationwide

We all know that the wait times for DC blue line service is bad compared to the rest of the lines in DC and that it is getting worse.  But how does it compare to that seen at other subway

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Trains per hour vs. minutes per train

Metro is starting to seriously push the Silver Line rollout.  When doing so, they like to tout the number of riders who are helped and hurt by various changes.  But it is not just the number of riders on each

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Psychic costs of Metro transfers

DC Metro’s expectation in cutting Blue Line service was that many Blue Line riders would switch to the Yellow Line and transfer, thus reducing the overcrowding.  While it may be a questionable planning strategy to make individual’s preferred path so

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