15 Hours

The planned blue line service cuts this summer will change the headway for Blue Line trains from 8.5 minutes to 12 minutes.  That means that the average wait per trip increases by 1:45 seconds.  That might not seem like much, and WMATA claims it is a mild inconvenience, but it adds up.  At 2 trips per day, for a daily Blue Line rider this is an extra 15 hours per year spent waiting for trains.

When combined with the earlier Blue Line cuts, compared to 2012 Blue Line Riders will be spending 26 hours per year longer on Metro platforms than they used to.

15 hours per year is like your boss offering you an extra two vacation days.  What could you do with the extra 15 hours that WMATA is taking away?


Take action and ask WMATA not to further cut service on the Blue Line.

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2 comments on “15 Hours
  1. Michael Rogers says:

    Interesting case for not changing things. Do you have a proposed solution? There is a new train line. Presuming they will not keep it closed barring a new tunnel, what is your suggestion to accommodate both lines?

    • Save The Blue Line says:

      Agree that keeping the Silver Line closed until a new tunnel is not an option (although Metro should have used the Silver Line to jumpstart construction on a new tunnel, offering public transit to more riders is a good thing). However, with the cuts they have already made to the Blue Line there is space for the Silver Line. See our latest post (http://bluelinedc.org/alternate-train-allocation/) for a plan that would accommodate the Silver Line, preserve Blue Line service, and save DC riders a total of 112,500 hours per year.

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